I woke up this morning at 5:19 am with the immediate thought that you don't love me stuck in my head The love of myself appears as a fake but your foreshadowed love is what I depend on Nothing to ground me Not in the clouds yet but I'm betting on it Betting on what … Continue reading Still



I'm still, not unmovable, just still Maybe fearful of my movements, non-movements too My thoughts, my dreams, where they lead me to No guided path but I make it to a destination Somehow, no matter what I do . . . it always leads me back to you.


That’s particularly odd to me Many people around me have expressed their perspective of myself lately Not in a negative light, no but they all seem to say the same thing You have a glow about yourself that’s starting to show It always surprises me because I feel like I’m running after that image of … Continue reading Default


You know, I like being independent and I hate depending on other people. I don’t know why I guess it’s just because at a young age I told myself that I can do anything and everything better by myself. It seemed like there was no point in conversation with others or engaging really. I still … Continue reading Gravel